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I must be missing something.

Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging is a newly published book and the title has me puzzled.

Every blogger I’ve ever met, whether in person or online, has been extremely generous with their knowledge, about blogging or anything else.

But I now I find out some of you have been holding the best stuff back! :-)

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  1. kelly

    I’m so skeptical about the value of books about technology that evolves so fast. I mean, some of the stuff about finding your voice and the focus of your blog will be lasting (but have already been covered, I’m guessing, in many a book about writing in general). The stuff about dealing with spam and so forth will be out of date so fast!

  2. Miguel Guhlin

    The author prob didn’t come up with the title…the editor(s) did. So, I’d bet someone who knew little about blogging came up with the title.

    Take care,
    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the Corner-MGuhlin.net

  3. Stephen Downes

    Hm. Half the things mentioned in the blurb are very clearly stated in my article ‘How to be Heard’. So much for ‘secret’.

  4. Tim

    I would bet a large part of the book is recycled from Stephen and others. That’s very common in non-fiction publishing these days, especially when it comes to tech-related books. And it’s partly why my Amazon bills are not nearly as big as they used to be. :-)

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