If you want to see one of the best examples of journalism on television in a long time, skip past all the broadcast networks, talking heads channels, and especially Fox “News”.

Go watch Jon Stewart’s interview with financial talking head/showman Jim Cramer from last night’s Daily Show.

Unlike way too many people in the TV news business, Stewart was well prepared (whoever logs video for the DS deserves a large raise), asked very relevant questions, and refused to allow Cramer to BS his way out of answering them.

At the end, Stewart expressed his desire to downplay this assertive role (“Was that as uncomfortable for you to watch as it was for me to do?”) and return to making fart noises and funny faces.

I hope he doesn’t. At least not until the real news organizations are willing to step up and do their jobs,

Well, ok, maybe not the whole time.

I’m sure no Daily Show fan will mind if he throws in a few puns and jokes of questionable taste along with the great interviews.