Yesterday I tweeted a little piece of news fluff about 10 Congress critters voting against a resolution proclaiming March 14 as Pi Day, speculating (humorously, I hoped) that they might have no clue as to what pi is.

I was surprised to receive several very serious @replies, and one DM, with various versions of the sentiment that Congress had better things to do with it’s time. I’ve heard similar statements made by talking heads on television.

I disagree with them all.

We certainly have a lot of economic problems in this country, ones that need the serious attention of our leaders, many of whom have decreed the situation to be a “crisis”.

However, this not the kind of 24 crisis which demands that everyone maintain single, focused attention on the situation so that two or three absolutely life-threatening critical decisions can be made correctly before getting to the :28 station break.

As long as the President and Congress don’t spend long hours debating the minutia of the propositions, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t continue to issue these proclamations calling attention to a particular part of American society, in this case math education.

Or do any of the other mostly meaningless little pieces of ceremonial trivia that make up the pomp and circumstance of our federal government.

We will survive this economic mess as well as the theatrics surrounding the annual pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey.