Considering how messed up schools in the District of Columbia have been for decades, this is a major understatement.

D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee said yesterday that it will probably be several years before the federally mandated effort to reinvent 27 academically troubled schools shows significant results.

“It’s not possible to take a chronically failing school and in a few months or a year turn it around,” Rhee said in an interview shortly after speaking at a late-afternoon gathering of about two dozen parents, staff members and school advocates at Bell Multicultural High School. It was the latest in a series of meetings Rhee has organized to discuss the challenges of fixing failing schools.

She plans to fix those 27 schools by personally selecting a reform option for each school. I hope that doesn’t mean 27 different options.

But whatever decisions she makes, I wish Rhee a lot of luck. She has an incredibly difficult job.