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Where is the Cynical Source?

A couple of political science professors think they’ve found proof that Jon Stewart and the Daily Show are “poisoning democracy“.

Two political scientists found that young people who watch Stewart’s faux news program, “The Daily Show,” develop cynical views about politics and politicians that could lead them to just say no to voting.

These guys have things backwards. I think most of us who are fans of the show have already developed a cynical view of politics. Watching the Daily Show just helps to ease the pain.

Besides, the last I heard, Stewart has just over a million viewers on an average night. The twin toxic fountains of O’Reilly and Hannity on the Fox “news” channel pull more than two million.

The two of them certainly add greatly to my cynicism.

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  1. Weapon of Mass Disturbance

    It’s easy, and all too common today to confuse news with entertainment.

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