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Where’s the Blogging at the Blogger Summit?

The Education Blogger Summit sponsored by ED in ’08 is going on today just up the road from here.

For an event calling itself a “blogger summit” it’s amazing how few blog posts about the sessions there are to be found. Four so far, two of them not directly about the content of the meeting.

I ran across one reference to Sylvia doing a Ustream of Newt’s keynote but I missed the live feed and can’t find a recording of it yet. Hopefully she’ll post a link.

From the traffic being generated by this “summit”, I can only conclude that my earlier rant on the subject was correct.

This is a political gathering that has nothing to do with blogging (only four of the twenty speakers listed have a link to anything).

And from the agenda it also appears to have very little to do with genuine education reform.

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  1. sylvia martinez

    Hi Tim,
    I have a draft of my reflections sort of started. It’s hard because it was not at all what I expected. The program had an odd assortment of presentations and panels and nothing about Ed in 08. I hope to have it posted soon, but as you say, don’t expect much about education reform…

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