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Who Needs Boxed Software?

My flickr Pro account came due today and while playing around after renewing I discovered they’ve added something new.

Now you can edit any of your photos directly in the browser using tools from the outstanding Picnik.

So, for $25 a year, you have almost unlimited online storage for your pictures along with the ability to do all the image edits that most people need.

Adobe has stalled getting out an Intel Mac version of Elements to the point that other solutions have arrived and I no longer need it. Tell me again why us normal people need any flavor of Photoshop.

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  1. David

    Now wouldn’t it be great if software came with 10 (or 100) great ideas for how you might use them in the classroom. Bonus points for how they might be used to help students having particular special needs. Applications have so many uses, often many more than the publisher or ASP ever intended.

  2. Tim

    I will give Adobe points for the ideas and activities they have for using Elements on their Digital Kids Club site. Sure it’s all oriented around their products but the ideas for using photography with students are still good.

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