Return to Roanoke

Tomorrow morning, snow permitting, I’ll be headed down the road again to Roanoke, the conference capital of Virginia. This time it’s the Educational Technology Leadership Conference presented by our state department of education.

This meeting is supposed to be for administrators and other “tech leaders” in the state, and in recent years has expanded to include other groups like our ITRTs (instructional technology resource teachers).

Actually, I have no idea what to expect. This is the first time I’ve attended in the thirteen years it’s been around but I submitted a proposal that was accepted, so I get to try something new.

As is my usual style, I wrote the title (Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Blog) and description, stuck it in the back of my head, and now, months later, have to figure out what the session will actually look like.

Needless to say, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the presentation and the accompanying notes page probably Thursday afternoon just before we start. Good thing procrastination is not normally fatal.

Another little wrinkle is that my session is in the last slot on Thursday. Always a fun place to be: standing between a group of conference attendees and happy hour.

But, whatever happens, it should be interesting. And I’m sure I’ll learn something. I just hope the people who venture into the room do as well.

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  1. John Hendron

    Tim, I skipped out on the DOE conference this year. Last year was too crowded (with all the ITRTs) and I figured I didn’t need to go every year. I hope you have a good experience.

    FWIW, we were being told here in Richmond by DOE personnel that the conference was not for ITRTs. Yet, my colleagues tell me some sessions for were them… confusing, to say the least.

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