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You Have Definitely Mistaken Me For Someone Else

The campaign to re-elect W has me on their mailing list and they seem to think I have money. I’m a registered Independent but the propaganda arriving in the mailbox is addressed to a "fellow Republican" with my name. Yesterday’s contribution to the weirdness was an "invitation" to The President’s Dinner to be held next week in the extremely intimate setting of the Washington Convention Center. The privilege of attending will only cost me $2500, despite the fact that the letter says that I am someone to whom "Laura and I owe a deep debt of gratitude".

I’m going to collect all this crap just to see how big the pile gets. The pile of paper that is. The other kind of pile is already overflowing.


  1. Chris Lehmann

    I got an RNC contribution card today too… and it comes with an “No Postage Necessary in the USA” envelope. I’m considering writing them a nifty letter about what I think about this president and sending it to them.

  2. Tim

    I’m thinking of shredding it all and sending it back in one of their pre-paid envelopes so they get the biggest postage bill possible. Maybe I’ll include a letter too.

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