We are full into the summer road repair season around here. A slice of one particular intersection I travel through every day has been stripped to the foundation and as I’m waiting to make the left turn it’s interesting to watch how drivers handle the road being even rougher than normal. Most slow down somewhat for the first bump, speed up a little over the rough part and then slow down even more for the bump up to the regular pavement.

I guess that’s understandable for most cars (I figure it’s no worse than the potholes that used to be there) but what I really don’t get are the people in large SAVs (Suburban Assault Vehicle) doing exactly the same thing, sometimes going even slower over the bumps. The ads for these vehicles show them negotiating large hills, boulders and cavern-size potholes without breaking a sweat. In the real world their owners are driving them as if a small bump in the road will shake them apart. If your SAV can’t take a little vibration any better than that Corolla in front of you, exactly why did you buy that piece of crap?