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The Seattle Times endorses Obama for president.

Obama should be the next president of the United States because he is the most qualified change agent. Obama is a little young, but also brilliant. If he sometimes seems brainy and professorial, that’s OK. We need the leader of the free world to think things through, carefully. We have seen the sorry results of shooting from the hip.

Is it possible we might elect someone to lead the country who’s smart, thoughtful, and considers multiple perspectives before acting?


  1. Keith

    What is it that makes him the “most qualified change agent?” What has he actually changed?

  2. Tim

    For one thing, the fact that Obama has persuaded a large number of people who were very apathetic to politics to pay attention and support his ideas, both with work and money, (like me) is a major change.

    Irregardless of that, we judge candidates for office by comparing them to their opponents. In that regard, John McCain is a “change agent” only because he has done a lot of changing his mind.

    And then go back and read the last sentence of my post. That would be a big change from the past eight years and certainly does NOT describe McCain.

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