Bye, Bye IE

Several legitimate tech news sources (as opposed to the thousands of make-it-up-as-we-go-along rumor sites) are reporting that the big monopoly is discontinuing development of it’s Internet Explorer for the Mac. This comes a few days after AOL surrendered to MS for chump change and MS said that they were dropping development of IE as a stand alone program (it becomes part of the next infliction of Windows). Looks like Bill continues to win the court case he "lost".

This news bothers me but not for the reasons I would have had a couple of years ago. Today there more choices in browsers, they do a better job of adhering to web standards and designers have a greater understanding of those standards. That, however, doesn’t overcome the fact that the vast majority of people using the web will have no idea what they’re missing as they wait several years for an upgraded browser. For a better analysis of this issue than I could ever write, read today’s entry from Jeffrey Zeldman.