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Goin’ South

I’m headed to New Orleans tomorrow for the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC). It’s the first time in three years I’ve been able to attend this conference so I’m really jazzed (sorry!) to be going. NECC is always a great opportunity to see and hear what people from all over the world are doing in instructional technology. And along the way it’s sobering to discover that the overly large school system I work for is not the center of the universe (as some of our leaders believe). I’ll probably be fired for that statement. :-)

Anyway, the conference will also offer lots of free connections so I’ll be posting a few rants over the next five days. There is also a multi-author blog where you can read various impressions of the conference and I’d bet you’ll find other bloggers out there doing the same thing on their individual sites.

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  1. chett

    NECC! Brings back some great memories. I’ve been to three: San Diego, Atlantic City, and most recently, Chicago. The folks who put together NECC are the most well-organized, thoughtfully-planned, and just plain nice people you’d ever want to meet.

    In comparison, the MacWorld expos are like cheap commercial shilling machines (and I’m a die-hard Apple and Mac fan, as I type this on my flat-screen iMac woo woo).

    At NECC they don’t permit any monetary transactions on the vendor floor, just to show you how much class they have.

    I hope you have a great time down in N’orlins!

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