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Happy New Year

Is it Labor Day already? That means kids will be returning to their classrooms tomorrow here in the overly-large school district and a new year begins.

The date is something of a surprise since the past five weeks have been one big blur for me.

August is normally a very busy month for us as we scramble the whole time to help everyone get their schools ready to open.

But this year has been particularly hectic for many reasons, not the least of which is a much-higher-than-normal turnover in the ranks of our tech trainers, combined with less money and fewer people to support them.

Even so, I’m not going to complain about my job.  I get to work with some very talented and dedicated people which makes every day an interesting, challenging, and enjoyable learning experience (ok, most days :-)

Well, maybe I have one complaint.

When the pace of things at work gets as chaotic as it’s been recently, I find myself being disconnected from my larger network and feeling very out of touch.*

The fact that I haven’t written much of anything in this space (not to mention on Twitter) in nearly three weeks is a direct result of only having the time and energy to take occasional cursory scans of my RSS, Twitter, and other streams of thought that, in my normal routine, I would be able to sample in more depth.

Writing, an activity I’ve come to enjoy (which would certainly surprise my English teachers), requires the time to read, reflect on and connect ideas drawn from that flow.

I also missing having the time to join conversations that form around the writing at other people’s blogs or to drop in on the audio discussions that seem to be proliferating online.

Anyway, August is over and it’s New Year’s Day.

And although I’ve been out of the classroom for a while, I still have a feeling of optimism and new opportunities that always came with the start of a new school year.

A chance to do a reset, try some new ideas, and figure out ways to make things a little better than they are now.

Happy New Year, everyone.

*Getting sick this weekend sure didn’t help either.


  1. The Science Goddess

    Have a wonderful year, Tim!

    Like you, I’ve been caught up in things other than writing and commenting. Unlike you, however, I have a week of vacation this week (my first in two years). I’m hoping for a chance to recharge a bit and then dive back into blogging.

    I’m glad you want to continue writing. I hope this school year gives you many (good) reasons to do so.

  2. Jim Randolph


  3. Traci

    My favorite time of the year in Virginia. My wife and I just had a baby and it will be a few years before we can celebrate “New Years”, but with our daughter, I look forward to sharing the change in the seasons with her.

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