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Speaking of administrators, Ms. Cornelius offers the top ten signs yours’ have lost touch.

7. They then wonder why they spend all their time putting out fires instead of taking a step back and seeing that the damn forest is tinder-dry, and that they are the rain gods. The administration sets the tone for the building, whether lax or regimented or chaotic or peaceful.

1. Their doors are never open. They disappear behind the pine for untold hours, heedless to the consequences. And since they’ve got their own buffet in the conference room and their own bathrooms, who knows if they’ll ever come out?

Besides, any post with a reference to The Fly (the David Hedison/Vincent Price version, not the Jeff Goldblum mess) is a must read.

school administrators, the fly

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  1. jpierce

    Been following your posts for a while now – thanks for passing this article along! Funny in a sort of sad way. And reminds me that at least my bosses don’t hit all of the ten on the list – it COULD be worse!

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