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Learning to Connect

A member of the British parliament looks at our recently completed election and concludes that politics in his country are antiquated.

Especially when it comes to the effective use of the internet to connect with supporters and potential supporters.

There are powerful lessons from the Obama campaign for politicians here. The first, of course, is, the technology, stupid. The internet and blogosphere are powerful tools but they change the relationship between politicians and the electorate, forcing us to work harder. Used properly, the net can allow direct communication with voters.

Actually, it’s not about the technology at all. It’s about learning how to use the technology to better involve the large number of people who will be directly affected by your decisions.

However, as good as the Obama campaign was in the process of attracting votes, it remains to be seen whether the people who will run his administration are genuinely committed to fundamental change in the relationship between government and citizens.

Or if they, like their British counterparts, also have more lessons to learn.

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  1. Brian Mull

    I certainly hope the openness continues.

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