An interesting call this morning from one of our school-based tech trainers offered a positive spin to end the week. Her principal had just returned from a meeting with her new boss and the other principals in their group of schools.

The freshly appointed assistant superintendent had come from another county in Virginia and in part of the session he spoke to them of how they had raised student test scores in his old system.

Using a wiki.

The principal returned to the school and asked the trainer if they also had a wiki that could help their students as well.

I have no doubt that this principal has no idea what a wiki is or how one might be used for instruction (and there are many ways), much less to raise test scores.

However, this little event could be a very positive sign. For one thing, we may actually have a member of our district leadership team who has a clue about the read/write web in education.

And we have a few more people in the schools becoming aware of and discussing the use of these new tools.

A couple of small steps forward.

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