Screenshot of in 2001

No, not the blog. I still have a few hundred or so posts in me, so the ranting will continue. Besides, sometime during 2023, I’ll reach my 20th blogging anniversary. I need to stick around at least that long.

Anyway, I rarely mention it in this space, but I also run another site at this URL, one that originated before the turn of the century. And it’s about time to take it off line.

That other site first went online somewhere in the mid-90’s when I moved from the classroom into training teachers how to use the newly-installed computers in their classrooms. I needed a place to store links and information to use with my new students and the internet was the obvious place.

Over time, I moved the site into WordPress and it grew into a much larger collection of materials that I used in a growing number of classes, workshops, and conference presentations. Eventually, the participants in my sessions even got used to the idea of not getting paper and going to the site for their followup notes. 

But now, since I retired more than seven (!) years ago, I’m doing far fewer classes and presentations. And, since the materials on the other side deal mostly with tech-related topics, the stuff has a relatively short shelf life. Much of material is already stale, so it’s time to shut it all down.

I still do a few classes, and present at conferences once in a while. And, since there are a few still relevant posts over there worth updating (like the stuff on photography), I’ll be moving those pages into the blog archive on this side. Once in a while, you may actually see new stuff in this stream. Feel free to ignore it.

Thanks for reading this far. I’ll return to my posting on the usual randomly chosen assorted topics soon.

The image at the top is a screenshot of this site in February 2001. It comes courtesy of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, which has been preserving bad web design since 1996.

1. At that time, we lovingly coded the pages by hand in HTML. Not sure I miss that process.