Skip The Tech Hype

Every year during the first week of January, the Consumer Electronics Show takes place in Las Vegas. It’s a huge event with thousands of companies spending millions of dollars to show off their stuff. Producing a flood of over-hyped media reports on all the “new”, “innovative”, “amazing” tech products.

But how much of this is worth the attention of anyone outside the business? Do us electronics consumers really need to know about this stuff?

When I look at this year’s show, I see a lot of things no one needs, and few people will want. It’s a Sharper Image catalog brought to life, the ultimate “Why? Because I can!”

The tech reporter who started his post with that thought, continues to explain why we can safely ignore some of the “big trends” at CES. And I certainly agree with him that the “idea of MS Office in the car is truly frightening”.

BTW, has anyone declared drones to be the next revolution in edtech? I’m sure I missed that announcement.

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