Something To Talk About

It’s all about the conversation, right?

Going with that philosophy, the folks at the Pingdom blog analyzed the trends for the use of 45 web-related terms in the world-wide discussion (as tracked by Google, of course) over the past couple of years.

They found that “Web 2.0” peaked in 2007 and has been decreasing in 2008″ (web 3.0 is down as well).

“Blogging”, the act, was unchanged during 2008 but “Blogger”, the person has been increasing steadily for four straight years.

The use of “microblogging” beat them both and is way up (thanks, Twitter).

“Social network” has been rising since 2006 while “Social networking” showed only a slight increase in 2008

So, what does any of this mean?

Who knows? But someone has to maintain the flow of web-related trivia. :-)