This Will Just Take a Minute

For those of you who only read my rants through your RSS aggregator (and don’t think I don’t appreciate it!), I just thought I’d mention that I’ve been making changes to the actual site.

With the release of WordPress 3 earlier this year, it was about time to find a new theme that takes advantage of the great new features in the latest version of that CMS.

Anyway, I’ll be playing with the knobs and switches to tweak things over the next few days but if you have an extra minute to actually visit the site, let me know what you think.

And if you have additional time to spare, also drop by my AssortedStuff for EdTech site where I stash most of the support materials I use for training and conference sessions.

Thanks for the minute.

6 Comments This Will Just Take a Minute

  1. Jenny

    I love the look. Sometimes I regret the reader because I don’t see folks blogs. Seeing the look is one more piece of a person’s personality. I’m glad to jump out to leave comments (which I should do more often) some so that I do get this view.

  2. Tim

    Thank you all for the feedback. Although much (ok, most :-) credit goes to the large WordPress community that offers a huge collection of themes to choose from.


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