I doubt that many visitors to this site use the search box. It’s just not something you normally do on a blog.

But it seems a few of those who stumbled into this corner of the web did search, at least according to the “top searches” recorded by the plugin that keeps track of such stuff.

Today that little piece of code tells me the top search phrase is “fun cheating presentations”. I know I’ve used all three words in rants, but never all together. Which is why it returns no results.

Next comes “software to skip objectionable scenes in motion pictures”. Somewhere out on the web, I’m sure someone has written on this topic, but not here.

Considering the topics I rant on in this space, the next two make some sense: “instructional technology example” and “example instructional technolohy”. The former returns many posts. The latter, well nice spelling, but no results for you.

However, the fifth term on the list may be most on target: “boring facts”. That one actually returns a post in which I used those words in that order in the title. But I suppose it could also be an editorial opinion.

Anyway, I hope everyone finds what they’re looking for when visiting this site. But I still have to wonder about some people (or bots) who’ve used the search tool.

The photo is of a sign in a lobby of Google’s offices in New York City. It seemed appropriate since they are the synonym for “search”.