Photo Post – Maker Faire NoVA

At the start of the month I was privileged to be one of the photographers for the 6th annual Maker Faire here in Northern Virginia. Below are a few of the images I made and more are in this Flickr album.

Dissecting Dyson

The area of the Faire where anyone can tear apart computers, printers, and other electronic devices is very popular. I’ve always wanted to see what’s inside my Dyson vacuum but my wife would probably object.

 Drone Pilot

In the drones and robot section, this young lady showed some real skills as a pilot. Look at that concentration.


You never know who or what you’ll run into at the Faire. This gentleman is an amateur radio enthusiast (I guess it’s still called ham radio) headed to his group’s booth.

Maker Faire NoVA - Johnson Center

I also made a few 360° images at the Faire. This is in one of the larger halls at the Johnson Center. More 360° are in the Flickr album.

Photo Post – Maker Faire NoVA

Last Sunday was the 5th annual Maker Faire here in Northern Virginia and I was fortunate to be one of the official photographers for the event. The Faire has grown tremendously in a short time and this year moved to it’s new home at George Mason University. Below are a few images of people and exhibits spread among three buildings and two outdoor areas. More are in this gallery.


A line up of robots waiting to come to life.

Robot Kids

There was lots to attract makers of all ages.

Dismantle Space

One of the most popular areas of the Faire allows visitors to take apart electronic devices like printers and DVD players. Because everyone is curious about what’s inside.

Maker Faire Johnson Center

I also took some 360° images at the Faire and this one of the exhibitors in the Johnson Center at GMU. Click your mouse or tap your finger in the image and drag around to see more. More 360° photos are in this Flickr album.

Picture Post, Maker Faire Edition

Last month I was privileged to be a volunteer photographer for the 4th annual NoVA Maker Faire. Here are few of my images with more in this album on Flickr.


It wasn’t hot at that point but was during their demo.

Learning to Glue

It’s never too early to learn how to use a glue gun.

R2D2 and Fan

R2D2 is always popular wherever he goes.

Electric Violin

Not your usual violin, and not your usual violin sound. But still nice music.

Maker Faire 360

A 360° view of one of the large spaces, taken at the start of the event.