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Photo Post – A Taste of Spring

We had a brief burst of spring weather last week so I took advantage and spent a little time wandering around National Harbor, Maryland with my camera.

This is a very touristy area with lots hotels, recreation, restaurants, and shops, except that we have very few tourists in the area right now. Makes for rather empty but still interesting images, a few of which are below. The rest are in this gallery.

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Pandemic Schooling’s Worst Idea

Screen Shot 2021 03 17 at 3 12 00 PM

As of yesterday, the overly-large school district has all it’s classrooms open for live instruction. Sort of.

Some students are in face-to-face classes while some are still attending class online. Parents have the option to choose and, according to one report in the Post, only about 47% of kids are currently in the live classrooms. As for the teachers, Fairfax is using something called “concurrent instruction” to cover all the bases.

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A Year Away From Normal

IMG 1882

It’s been about a year since the spread of the COVID virus was declared to be a pandemic and the overly-large school district (and many others) sent everyone home to prepare for the sudden shift to online schooling. Not really an anniversary to celebrate.

Now, as they haltingly move kids and students back into physical classrooms (something I don’t expect to be complete until the fall at the earliest), there’s lots of hopeful talk about returning to “normal”. No matter how crappy that idea is.

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