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Photo Post – Science Festival

Last weekend, DC hosted the USA Science and Engineering Festival. This was the fifth biennial event, which started life in 2010 as an overgrown science fair spread across the National Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue. I have a few images on Flickr from that year, as well as from 2012 and 2016. Not sure why I missed 2014.

Unfortunately the Festival has turned into a commercial showcase dominated by government contractors, federal agencies, and the military. And, of course, everyone was into STEM. Sorry, arts people. I only saw one reference to STEAM.

Even with the excessive weaponization of science, there were some interesting exhibits and fun sights mixed in. Here are a few images from my time in the two huge halls, with the full gallery here

Super VR
Many exhibits featured VR and this young man seemed to be having a good time with whatever was in this world presented by the US Air Force.


A cadet from the US Naval Academy helps this boy with programming an Ozobot.


Squids 4 Kids
An organization called Squid4Kids based at Stanford University brought, what else, a squid for all of us to touch. It’s just as slimy as it looks.

Driving Lessons
And at the Army’s huge space, this young man was learning how to drive one of their vehicles using what looked like a standard video game controller.

Picture Post #11

Last weekend the biennial USA Science and Engineering Festival was held at the Washington Convention Center. It’s a huge event that’s one part science fair and two parts (maybe three) showcase for corporations, large universities and government organizations. Here are a few of my pictures, with the rest in this Flickr Album.


One of the few remaining copies of the Enigma machine used to break German codes during World War II. Interesting that this one is owned by the NSA and on display in their booth.

Mad Scientist

This very animated gentleman struck me as looking a little like Doc Brown from the Back to the Future movies. As I was taking the pictures, a young man standing nearby volunteered “That’s my physics teacher.” I believe it.

Follow the Marble

Lots of moving parts to capture the attention, and imagination, of the many kids attending the Festival.

Astronaut & Bionic Man

Someone in an astronaut suit posing with someone in an exoskeleton intended to increase the abilities of people here on earth. Lots of interesting combinations seen at the Festival.

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