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Improve Your Photography With Composition

Lining Up The Shot

Four or five times a year, I do workshops and presentations on various aspects of photography (and a few other topics). As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m moving the pages I still use in those sessions from my dedicated archive site into this stream before shutting it down.

I recently updated this page in advance of using it in a class next month. It may be of interest to you as well.

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Photo Post – Winter (Sorta)

The weather team at The Washington Post calls the DC area a “snow hole”. In many years the big winter storms go north or south, leaving us with little to nothing other than cold and damp.

This season, for the first time in three years, we got a measurable snow. The few other times we got winter precipitation it came in short bursts of the dreaded wintery mix – ice, sleet, and/or freezing rain, with a little bit of snow mixed in.

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Photos From EduCon

Another EduCon has flashed by and I’ll have more to say about this weekend a little later. For now, here are a few images I caught from this year’s conference.

The Friday opening panel offered their insights on the topic of curiosity. Moderated by Zac Chase and featuring Stephanie Sandifer, Antero Garcia, RaFranz Davis, and Milton Chen.

Chris Lehmann, SLA founding principal and our host for EduCon.

One of the EduCon discussions, this one wrestling with how to help students find the truth in current events.

Always looking for a new angle to picture the weekend.

Zac Chase, always passionate about whatever he’s presenting.

Cannoli shells waiting for the filling. I was hungry.

Picture Post #7

I like odd, unusual, unique signs. Or just anything that makes me smile. Here’s a small selection of the signs I caught this year. A larger collection from our trip to China last spring is here.

We Are All Makers

A t-shirt from the NoVA Mini Maker Faire last March.


The neon sign at one of the entrances to Google’s sprauling offices in New York City, which we were fortunate to visit last April.

Rally With The Pope

The Pope visited DC in September and his face was everywhere.

No Age

A good philosophy (for any age) on display in a Chinese underground shopping center.

Picture Post #3

A few recent shots from in and around DC.


A workman directing traffic for a construction project in downtown DC (one of many) as seen through what I think used to be a police call box.

Golden Ceiling

If I gotta take someone to the airport (Washington National, NOT Reagan) early in the morning, may as well take advantage of the inside light.

Empty Metro

In the middle of the day, I not only get a Metro seat to myself but the whole car.

Church Tower

A tower on the Greater New Hope Baptist Church in the Chinatown area of Washington has kind of a medieval look to it.

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